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The Outlook Money articles

Wherever possible, I've given links to PDF files of the articles as they appeared in the magazine - because they give a sense of the richness of the visual display. But since my site directory comes with space limitations, I have elsewhere had to give links to the articles as they appear on the website. It's not a happy state, but I'm trying to work around the server space crunch.

1. Is your money safe with LIC?

A rigorous investigation of the financial strength of the insurance behemoth.

2. The Dream Merchant
An assessment of Dhirubhai Ambani's legacy.

3. CAS is King!
In terms of costs and choice, the conditional access system is great news for cable TV subscribers.

4. Potty about clay
Knead it, shape it and create works of art. And let your life be moulded in turn by the enchanting art of pottery.

5. The Jet Set
Who says a fast-track career and a fulfilling personal life are mutually exclusive? Meet Shekhar Mullatti and Nisha Sharma.

Learning Centre

A series that explains the basics of investments.

The Magical Power of Compounding
The Time Value of Money
The Real Rate of Returns
Understanding Yields
Insurance Basics: Why You Need Cover
What's Your Life Worth?
Insurance as Tax-saver
An Introduction to Term Plans
Whole Life Plans
Endowment Plans
Annuity Schemes
Planning for Retirement
Know Your Provident Fund
The Cut That Hurts
Peanuts for Pension
The Risk Ladder
The Balancing Act

6. For a Few Dollars Less
Haggling can land you great value deals and, done in moderation, make for a feisty shopping experience.

7. Extra Cover Drive!
Private players are introducing a variety of features that will change the way you buy life insurance. Strategies to get low-cost, value-added cover by using the right rider at the right time.

8. For Richer, For Poorer
A racy account of how companies create - and destroy - shareholders' wealth.

9. Dirty Tricks in High Places
Peter Drucker meets John Grisham in this story of corporate intrigue: it's got management mantra, and it's got juice.

10. That Headlong Rush
In the neo-Darwinian Internet age, only the 'swiftest' companies will survive.

11. The Fortune-tellers
An up-close and unsettling look at the world of financial journalists and analysts. Applies as much to Dalal Street as it does to Wall Street.

12. A Word A Day
An extension of that online romp through the English language – and then some more.

13. The (un)Common Sense of Advertising:
Getting the Basics Right

Whether you’re a Hidden Persuader or a Discerning Consumer, it's a joyous read.

14. A History of the Market That Changed the World
A riveting account of the rise and rise of the Nasdaq.

15. Making it Personal: How to Profit from Personalization
How technology is changing business relationships.

16. The Ultimate Business Quizboook.
An eclectic mix of questions that tease and tantalise -- and educate and enrich.

17. Call Centre Communication
How to develop communication skills.

18. Money Wise
Give your children that head start in the world of finances.